Month: October 2013

2 Nephi 9-19

The title of this entry makes it sound like I’ve got a whole lot of catching up to do.  Truthfully — nope. I caught a cold last Monday and by Tuesday I was wasted and had to cancel class, so I didn’t teach 2 Nephi 11,16.  The next two days, my husband taught. My plan

2 Nephi 5-8

2 Nephi 5 To prepare for this lesson I taped a big sheet of bulletin board paper to the wall and drew this basic map: I will add to it throughout the year to help students keep track of where things are happening in relation to each other as the story progresses. I opened with

2 Nephi 3-4

2 Nephi 3 I took this lesson straight from the manual again with a few alterations. I drew the little stick men on the board with the scriptures and had 4 kids come up and write who each represented. Then I erased all the stick men except the one for Joseph Smith, and I had

2 Nephi 2 Part 2

This lesson was super, super easy.  The manual had a group activity that worked out perfectly.  I was like the others who reported back on the Facebook group — the activity went too long and bled into the following day’s lesson. I didn’t make a handout for this lesson because …. drum roll … the

2 Nephi 2 part 1, The Fall

Wow.  This was a difficult lesson.  I read on the Facebook group that one teacher spent five days on 2 Nephi 2.  I thought that was ridiculous, but after today, I can see why. I got a Facebook message on Friday from a student saying that she was bringing an investigator to class. This is

1 Nephi Wrapup, 2 Nephi 1

1 Nephi 21:16–22:31 I used the lesson manual a little bit for this lesson, and I can’t say it went super well.  I had a list of verses to read aloud regarding the scattering and gathering of Israel, and we had a short discussion.  I also had students summarize some of the terms from the

Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

I am going to cover only the last three Seminary lessons in this post, because I’m a little short on time.  I am going to GET MY HAIR DONE for the first time in months — what a relief.  I’ve been so busy the past three months that I couldn’t spare the 3 hours to