Book Review: Teaching the Book of Mormon Part One

I emailed John Bushman, from NW Seminary Share to see if I could do a book review of the book he recently co-authored titled Teaching the Book of Mormon, Part 1 (1 Nephi – Alma 16) by Bushman, Romney, Manis, and Wakefield.  The publisher, Cedar Fort, was kind enough to send me out a copy to review.  Though the dirty…

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Ideas for Teaching Jacob 5: The Olive Tree Allegory

Today I am home from church with a sick kid, so I thought I’d begin my collection of information on how to teach Jacob 5 next year.  I am hoping to do it in two parts, with one an introductory section with explanations of the symbols and olive tree horticulture and a second one blowing through the history of the…

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The Day I corrected the Church Historian (almost)

I attended SVU‘s Education Conference this weekend. What a strange experience that was!  It was part fundraising convention and part spiritual feast.  So bizarre.  At points it actually seemed like we were at a timeshare sales pitch or an Amway convenction.  Other times it was just like BYU’s Education Week, and sometimes even better.   I tried to tweet a little…

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Attending SVU’s Education Conference

Today I  am on the beautiful campus of SVU in Buena Vista, Virginia, for their 17th annual education week conference. We are excited to hear Julie B Beck and Marlin K Jensen speak.    Find out about the conference at