Month: May 2013

Last Day of Class

Today was our final day of class.  Students cleaned out their cubbies, ate some yummy food, watched some YouTube videos (sorry, kids — still no Strange Brew), and wrote some questions to Stump the Chump.  It was a fun laid back day to enjoy our time together. New Book of Mormon Manual I am relieved

Revelation 1-22

We finished the book of Revelation yesterday, and all I can say is that three weeks is TOO DANG LONG for this content.  Ignore the pacing guide and spend an extra week in the epistles.  The problem with Revelation is that there isn’t much revealed information to help you answer kids’ really hard questions.  You

2 Peter to Jude

This week we are wrapping up the epistles prior to our 3 week study of Revelation.  We got a little nerdy this week…. 2 Peter 1-3 For this class, I had students open up their scriptures to 1 Peter 1:2–10 and write a mathematical equation for the verses.  Theirs was even better than mine —

Titus and Philemon

Titus I can’t find any notes on this ….  How on earth am I still in this calling. Philemon Philemon didn’t seem to have anything of particular value doctrine-wise, so I gave the kids a little background on it and we did scripture mastery.

James and 1 Peter

James 1-2 I decided to split James into two themes: on the first day, I focused on the scripture masteries, and on the second, we did a review type lesson.  This worked pretty well. We spent a few minutes doing our scripture sort.  Then I gave an introduction to James, based on at least some


We covered the book of Hebrews in 4 lessons, all in one week.  It felt fast, and it was. Hebrews 1-2 I am trying to do better with scripture mastery, and so I am working on getting the kids to learn the references and key phrases.  Today I put up the four references from Corinithians

The Observer Debacle

I’ve been to several Seminary classes to observe, but Tuesday was the first time someone has come to watch me!  Gah!   My friend, DeAnn, has been teaching Seminary for many years.  She called late Monday evening to ask if she could come over and watch our class.  It was fine with me, but my