Month: April 2013

New Scripture Mastery Passages for Book of Mormon 2013

Today another Seminary teacher came to observe my classroom (more on that later), and she mentioned something that the kids had talked about in class yesterday: the scripture mastery passages have changed!  I decided to take a quick look this afternoon before the kids get home to see what changes have been made. There are

1 and 2 Timothy

1 Timothy 1-6 This lesson was easy enough to prepare once I figured out what to do.  There were several tiny, mini lessons in this text.  I could have pulled one out and made a full lesson on one, but none of them were really long enough to spend a full lesson on, and I

1 and 2 Thessalonians

The people at Thessalonica must have been pretty great bunch of folks.  Paul gushes over them, and then their faith is so strong in the second coming that they literally quit their jobs in anticipation of the event they thought would be soon!  These were fun books to cover. 1 Thessalonians 1-5 I spent a

Spring Break Recovery

Last week was spring break — it was kind of an unplanned whirlwind of activity, and I didn’t get the asparagus bed in or as much done on the website as I hoped.  ‘Twas always thus, I suppose.  We got in the car to drive to the church building we’ve been moved to Sunday, when

Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Commemoration Celebration ideas

This year the Aaronic Priesthood restoration date (May 15, 1829) is on a weekday, and I have been planning to have a little commemoration party during Seminary. After the results of the basic doctrines survey, I may instead do an activity on the essential nature of temple covenants.  Or I may do both.   We’ll