Month: February 2013

Romans 1-5

After the results of the Basic Doctrines Assessment, I’ve been looking for opportunities to help my students understand some gospel terms better.  The opportunity for covering salvation, justification, and grace has come up in the first part of Romans.  I’ve spent two days covering the first five chapters, and we will spread into a third

Acts 21-28

This was a short week due to the President’s day holiday, but we were able to do 8 chapters.  From now on the material is going to go faster and faster.  So far I don’t think that we are having any problems keeping up on the reading.  I did some averaging last week, and our

Thoughts on the Armor of God

I’ve been collecting some links and other information regarding the Armor of God.  As usual, I start out with a very grandiose idea and whittle it down to something simpler.  At first I had planned to have each student make a full cardboard set of armor.  Cool, yes.  Physical reminder of a powerful lesson, yes. 

Results of the Basic Doctrines Assessment

Well — that was interesting.  We took the Basic Doctrines Assessment and I have compiled the data.  I sent a copy of the results to the YW President, YM President, SS President, and bishop for their reference. You gotta know, the BDA is difficult.  Really difficult.  The font is difficult to read, especially when photocopied,

Seminary Basic Doctrines Assessment

I didn’t realize there was a form for assessing student understanding of Seminary lessons until I accidentally found it last year on the Seminary and Institutes website.  I suppose that this file is mostly used by full time Seminary teachers, but I am going to try it in my class tomorrow to see where I

Acts 13-20

Monday of this week was a free day.  I planned to celebrate birthdays with a party and watch movies, but my class president didn’t organize the food, so we ended up just watching Bible Video movies.  Not great.   I don’t like wasting time like that. Acts 13-14 – Paul’s First Mission My lesson objective this

This website just got awesomer

Okay.  That’s a terrible title.  But the site did get awesomer yesterday! For years I’ve been collecting and aggregating feeds of several blogs out there trying to send traffic to them.  Smaller websites have fantastic ideas, but often they don’t get enough traffic to let them know their posts are worthwhile and appreciated.  They sometimes

Acts of the Apostles 1-12

We started out the book of Acts with some excitement — or something like it.  Some terrible weather rolled in to the area, resulting in changes to the student’s exam and class schedules.  We had to cut out several days of class, but it didn’t hurt our reading schedule too much. January is always like

10 Things I’ve Learned from Teaching Seminary

While researching Skyped seminary, I found this old post on Early Morning Seminary at Segullah.  I got really tickled.  It’s always a pleasure to hear other people’s experiences in Seminary.  It made me think, after a year and a half teaching Seminary now, what can I say I’ve learned? These kids know more than they’re