Month: January 2013

John 10-21

You know, it feels like I’m better caught up on the blog than I really am….  I didn’t realize I was so far behind. Anyway, we are wrapping up with John this week. My class takes off all but one day during the week of mid-terms/finals so that students can rest well and do their

Improving the Quality of Devotional Talks

Youth devotionals — they can put the most patient of teachers over the edge. ┬áThe forgetting, the faking, the false doctrine, the too-familiar gospel cliches all combine in a slow-moving train wreck that can make opening exercises in your class a miserable experience. Students forget or ignore assignments, and we teachers act like it’s okay

Catching up with John

Hello, friends.  It’s been a long time :).  I’m sure you can appreciate why, what with three holidays in a month, plus new pages for all the 2013 stuff, plus 4 family birthdays, plus teaching Seminary, plus two funerals, plus trying to keep my marriage intact during the culmination of an eight month web site