Month: October 2012

Matthew 28 to Mark 1

Matthew 28 We wrapped up Matthew with a short summary and activity. I had the kids read the first 8 verses of this chapter silently and had 6 volunteers — 2 had to be female — come up to the front when they had finished reading. I had these kids act out the story in

Finishing Matthew

Tomorrow we are wrapping up Matthew. It seems like it took a long time to get through this book, and I was gone for nearly half of it. :) I’m feeling better about my lessons now. I don’t know if it was my jet lag or the kids getting used to me again or a

Struggling to get back my A-game

Well, it’s obvious that I’ve been away from teaching for a while. I’m feeling like I’m not quite on my A-game yet. I don’t know if the kids have gotten out of the habit of discussing with the other teacher or if I’m not asking the right questions. Either way, my lesson today could have

Ask the Missionaries

After an extended vacation, I’m back! I’m still pretty jet-lagged from the trip, but at least getting up in the morning for Seminary isn’t a challenge. I’m waking up at midnight and trying to get back to sleep. Rome is 7 hours ahead and it’s taking a little time to get back into this time