Month: September 2012

General Conference Jeopardy, Matthew 5

I am going to be unavailable for General Conference weekend, and I will not be uploading the General Conference Jeopardy game like I did last year. :-( I hope to be able to do it for April’s conference, but it definitely won’t happen for October 2012. If you make one, please share it here so

Matthew 4

Today we covered Matthew 4, the temptation of Christ. This has always been one of my favorite scripture stories. I’m not sure if it’s because Jesus owns Satan so soundly or if it’s that I feel like the temptations give an insight into the personality of the Savior… whatever it is, I always like this

Matthew 1-3

We’ve moved into our regular study of the scriptures. So far it seems to be going well. I am trying to focus my lessons on the expectation that the kids have read so that we get into some good habits of reading while they are still excited about Seminary. Matthew 1-2 I talked to the

Week One – Fin

Wow. That was over fast! It’s always amazing to me how fast Seminary seems to go. The Freshmen are settling in, and they all commented during class today. Having 16 isn’t much different than 12 so far, but I suspect I haven’t gotten their full blown craziness yet. My first absence was today. I think

My first sub….

I came down with a terrible sore throat and fever late yesterday afternoon, and so my husband subbed for me this morning in Seminary. The topic was the first of two sections of the plan of salvation. It was easy for him as a returned missionary to step in. I had already divided the board

Scripture Study Helps for Seminary

  Day two — successful completion! Today was scripture study helps. When I split our class into zones, I made sure each zone had at least one Freshman. Today we played scripture mastery jeopardy Mentor/Minion style. Upperclassmen were Mentors, and Freshmen were Minions. The Mentors were responsible to teach their Minions some valuable things about

I survived my (second) first day of Seminary!

Whew. I don’t know about you, but I did not sleep well before my first day of Seminary this morning. A friend came over and we talked for several hours, and so I didn’t get my last minute things finished before class last night. The first Seminary text came in at 4:40am, so I figured