Month: August 2012

Regional Seminary Training

Saturday was our regional Seminary training. As usual, the presentations were of varying value and interest, but I was glad I went. This time I took notes on my tablet using Evernote. I am in love with Evernote, I have to say. I also use the Swype keyboard, which makes note taking using a device

Rethinking devotional talks

Last year I didn’t include any kind of spiritual thought or talk in my devotional for Seminary. I didn’t feel that as a first year teacher I could confidently expect the students how to prepare a decent devotional. I am the kind of person who has students redo work that isn’t acceptable, and I’m not

Scripture Mastery and Study Skills Tool Kit

I thought I’d post a few pictures of the items I created before class this year. Some of these are what I call Five Minute Fillers, while others are just tools for scripture mastery games: Here’s the collection. I made these new testament scripture mastery Classroom sized flash cards. They are printed on card stock

Synced Calendars! Yay for!!!

Last year I made my reading chart as a document and would print off sheets as needed each quarter. This year, I’ve posted my Seminary reading calendar for New Testament online as a Google calendar. You can see it below if you’re interested. It goes from September 10 to May 31: Putting the calendar online

Whiners, all

Wow. Yesterday was a rough day. I have not been sleeping well, and both Jared and I slept in and were several minutes late for church Sunday morning. I spent a few minutes after Sacrament talking with the other teacher. I had no idea the level of sacrifice he is enduring to teach Seminary. Sometimes

A plan of attack for Scripture Mastery

Last year in Seminary I used the famed Magic Squares. I loved the idea of the little jingle to memorize scripture locations. My own children learned the little jingles very, very quickly, and I thought surely this was the answer to all Scripture Mastery needs. At the end of the year, I required all students