Month: July 2012

Not much Seminary preparation last week…

For the past several days we’ve had the entire family here for a reunion. Phew. Fourteen people running around here. It was fun. Due to the chaos, the only thing I got done Seminary related was to start work on the first few lessons for the first week of class. I’m not even done reading

Google Seven Nexus for LDS Gospel App

I love the functionality of the new gospel library app, and I’ve been seeking my own holy grail of smart devices on which to run it. My husband bought me a Nexus seven as a surprise gift. It came in the mail yesterday. I’m writing this blog entry using Dragon dictation. Dragon is very accurate

Teach the New Testament in book order or chronologically…..

The last few days I’ve been second guessing myself about what order to teach the books of the New Testament. I had decided to teach in book order, but now I’m not sure. Both of the teachers I’ve talked to teach it as the Life of Christ in chronological order using whichever book has the

What if Seminary was foever cancelled?

Last week I read a blog entry from Leading LDS titled “What if Elder’s Quorum was Forever Cancelled“. It really got me to thinking about the meetings we hold in the Church. Would people have missed Relief Society if it was cancelled when I was president? How about now in Seminary? Do my students consider

I Wish I Taught Seminary in South Carolina!

I read in USA Today this article:… It describes how students are allowed to receive credit toward graduation through released time courses. Wow. Of course the grading that equates to a high school course, I wouldn’t enjoy as much….. Tuesday I had my meeting with the SI representative and the new Stake Representative. They gave

New Stickers in Stock

The new sticker designs are here! I meant to order them two months ago and got busy with some other projects. I had initially thought they would be the first things I’d add to the new website, but unfortunately, that upgrade hasn’t worked out. It’s pretty much making me crazy. I am very excited about