Month: May 2012

Keeping Students Together on Seminary Reading Report

CALENDAR / ASSIGNED READING REPORT I thought I would report on how using the calendar with assigned student reading worked out for us this year. I’ve added this in as a blog entry since it’s a report with my opinions in it. This is how I do Seminary — you don’t have to do it

Minor Prophets – 2

It’s the last full week of Seminary, but who’s counting? ME!!!!! *I* am totally counting down! Jonah 1-4 For our lesson opener I used the manual idea and had the kids write on a apiece of paper the last place they’d ever want to visit. I told the students it had to be a geographical

Minor Prophets – 1

Here’s my lessons up to today. I will post pictures and handouts as soon as I can. Hosea 1-3 Lesson objective: Students will learn that God loves his people and desires them to enter into his covenant. He is willing to “pay” to have them. On the board I wrote, “What are you worth to

Finishing up with Major Prophets

So, the last entry was about me failing to journal. On April 23. :) It’s really not my fault tho — the website has been down even worse since Jared started tinkering with it. Dies about every 15 hours, and I don’t have the will to fight with it when we are close to moving