Month: April 2012

Rebuked by Brother Joseph

I was doing some research on a quote I found about Gog and Magog in the History of the Church, when I read Joseph rip on Willard Richards for not noting weather and stuff in the record. It got me to thinking about my lack of journaling. I am pretty lame about it, no lie.

April Lessons – General Conference, Isaiah, Jeremiah

I just can’t do it all :) This blog is proof positive of that. The house has been cleaner, I’ve been making bread and cooking more often, spent the week of spring break working on the new website and keeping up with the kids’ stuff, but something had to give. Naturally, it was the blog,

Almost finished with Isaiah

After the lesson on Isaiah 29, suddenly the Isaiah lessons started going much more smoothly. I’m not sure why that lesson was so particularly hard, but it was. That’s the chapter with the scripture mastery in it. I think that I added that one to the reading list. Talk about difficult. But I guess I