Month: March 2012

Teaching Isaiah

I’m not going to lie. This Isaiah stuff is HARD to teach! I will occasionally hit a lesson that takes me longer to prepare — in the 1-2 hour range. Usually that’s because I make a handout or have to try to find some supplemental media. But wow. This Isaiah stuff takes so much cross-referencing

Teaching Psalms

I spent a bunch of time at the library reading Psalms and trying to decide what was the best way to teach the kids the Psalms. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t like how little time the Seminary manual spends in the Psalms. The lesson schedule gives 4 lessons to cover the ENTIRE books of


I admit it. I totally faked the Job lesson. Maybe not *totally*, seeing as I did read the text and had kind of an idea what I’d do if the lesson went short. A student, impressed with the “One Small Voice” video from Josiah movie asked to see the Esther music video today. I showed

Fabulous Friday and Esther

On the weeks that we meet 5 times, I plan in a free day. Sometimes we watch a movie. Most of the time it’s scripture mastery. This week, our activity fell on (fabulous) Friday. I usually prepare my lessons for the upcoming week on Thursday, and Thursday I had discovered that there was a really

Nehemiah on Fast Forward

Today’s lesson objective was “students will learn what a great blessing it is to have the words of the law available to them.” In order to keep the kids on track with this lesson, I had to help them understand the context. I explained the setting using the Bible dictionary entry we read the day