Month: February 2012

Going Off Book

It’s getting easier to get up for Seminary now that the days are getting longer again. It’s such a relief to send the kids out in actual sunlight instead of in the dark like we did during December and the start of January. They still arrive in the dark, but sunrise is just 30 minutes

A Welcome Visitor!

I was setting up the video for last Friday’s lesson, when to my surprise, in came a student with our un-enrolled Seminary student! I was delighted! I was so distracted that I forgot to celebrate one of the student’s birthdays, in fact, but it was all good. I started out by describing the setting where

Elijah and Elisha

This week started out more exciting than I’d prefer. My son had some friends over on Monday for the holiday for some sledding and games. Long story short, the visit ended with my son falling from a rope in the hayloft and a giant old metal pitchfork falling on top of him. Some ancestor of

1 Kings 12, Saul/David/Solomon

After Tuesday’s lesson, I was ready for a break. I tried to find a substitute for my class, but by the time it was 4:00 in the afternoon I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. My lesson topic was “Saul, David, and Solomon: What Went Wrong” based on a CES document by the same

Terrible Day

I felt terrible after this lesson today. I can honestly say that this is the first time I was glad to see the kids go. It really wasn’t a bad lesson, but I just could not get the kids to STOP TALKING. It was so rude and distracting. I actually had to have the worst

David and Bathsheba

Couldn’t sleep last night. I’m not sure if it was because I was anxious about this lesson (which I was) or the fact that my husband sleeps at about 2000 Fahrenheit, but either way, it was rough. I got up and went downstairs to do my lesson prep before the students got to class. I

2 Samuel 1-8

Today I taught the beginnings of 2 Samuel. We started out class by having some of the kids who either didn’t have time or who didn’t follow the instructions complete their work on the scroll. Some of them forgot their names. Some didn’t write power phrases. One was absent, and I had two visitors, so

1 Samuel

I promised a friend that I’d blog about what I’m doing in Seminary for 1 Samuel, but I’ve been so busy….. Today I’m catching up, as usual. Report cards and catching up to 1 Samuel 16 This day I had a lot of material to cover because of getting back from the holiday after so

Report Cards, Oh My!

Quarter Two has ended for us, and so I’m doing report cards. I hate them. I hate report cards, and I do them in the easiest way possible (with the exception of just making up a grade or giving everyone an A, which is probably what many teachers do, and maybe I should adopt it…..).