Month: November 2011

LDS Passover Seder Meal in Seminary – our experience

The Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving we covered the Passover in our Old Testament reading. I elected to put on an abbreviated Passover meal during Seminary to cement in my students’ minds the symbols in the passover meal and meaning behind them, since we’ll be referring back to them often during the next several weeks


Here’s the lesson report for Monday – Thursday this week. Exodus 1-2 Today we began the story of Moses and the Exodus. I debated for a while whether or not to focus this lesson in on courageous women or courageous people. I went back and forth for several days trying to decide whether it would

Quarter One is DONE

The quarter is over — report cards passed out, new reading charts distributed. I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast! I was talking about how much we’ve done so far, when Jared pointed out that I have only 3 quarters left. :-/ This week has been a short week because of Veteran’s day and

Amok Time

If you get the reference in my title, you’re my new BFF. Okay, you’ll never get it. So I’ll just tell you. Amok Time was the name of a Star Trek The Original Series episode where Spock goes crazy with the 7-year Pon Farr, or Vulcan mating ritual. Tuesday’s lesson on Genesis 35 and 39