Month: October 2011

Is it really Monday?

My aunt went into the hospital on Friday, so I was with her until about 9 PM Friday night. On Saturday I spent most of the day making ear rings and other jewelry to sell at the craft fair for our Indian tribe this weekend. Sunday I goofed off in the morning and then went

Jacob and Esau reunite

We started off by singing “Happy Family” from the Primary song book. I drew names out of the prayer bucket for us to use in singing until everyone’s name had been sung. It was silly, but Happy Family fit in with our lesson pretty well. In today’s Seminary lesson, Jacob and Esau reunite. We did

Rocky Days

So, the last two days have been a little rocky. Monday the kids were chatty again. Today they were droopy. It’s never in between, I guess. Genesis 25, Genesis 26 Today I based my whole lesson on the word flippant. I was pretty confident that most of my kids would not know the meaning of

Laid back Friday

Today we kicked back and just had a fun day. I didn’t assign any reading. To start off I read an article about a couple that died after 72 years of marriage holding hands. I just used it as a little devotional kick off for the day, reminding them of yesterday’s lesson (which apparently I

Abraham and Isaac

Today I woke up in a panic — I was sure that today’s lesson was on Rebekah, and I wasn’t prepared. So I thought: “Meh, I’ll just fake it,” and went back to sleep. Yes, I really am that wicked. Then I woke up again a few minutes later worrying about Rebekah and what a

That’s bananas, Girl!

I’m a little behind on my blogging due to our family vacation this weekend. We drove up to Shenandoah National Park for our annual weekend in the mountains. Yesterday I was so sore from hiking I could barely move. Normally I teach standing, but yesterday I had to sit for the whole lesson. OUCH. For

Wickedness all around

I warned my kids yesterday that I was supposed to have an observer from the stake in my class today, so they were giving me a bad time this morning. As it turned out, the observer forgot our appointment, and I was off the hook. Above you can see some caterpillars that look a lot

General Conference and Seminary Review

Wasn’t general conference great this weekend? Best in a long while for me. I really enjoyed all the talks. I tried to help get #ldsconf to trend again this year, but some of our main DC Mormon tweeters were out of commission for various reasons. Basically, it was just me MormonShare and Lady Ozma. Couldn’t

Seminary lessons learned from National Geographic

This month’s National Geographic magazine has an article in it on the teenage brain. As the mother of a teenager and a Seminary teacher, I was interested to read what they said. Much of the information was not particularly new to me — this information on the developing teenage brain has been available for a