Month: September 2011

Catastrophe averted….

It was a rough night. I kept waking up, unable to sleep. Tried watching TV, but that didn’t help. Anyway, at some point around 4:30-5:00am I did fall asleep. Imagine my surprise when I woke to my backup alarm going off at 6am! Somehow I had turned on the wrong alarm on my alarm clock

Adam is Obedient and the Fall

I got up this morning a little earlier than usual, which was a good thing. I had not cleaned up the basement or set up the tables, so it took me a good bit of work to get ready for class this morning. The first group of kids helped me set up chairs, and so

Pictures of My Daily Home Study Seminary Classroom

Thought I’d start out by posting some pictures of my Seminary classroom in case anyone was interested. It’s always helpful to me to actually *see* what something looks like, as opposed to reading about it. My students enter the house through the basement door greeted by a sign that reads welcome to Seminary and has

Two week veteran

I was getting worried yesterday afternoon that I wasn’t going to have time to prepare my lesson. People kept calling and coming over related to the upcoming Time Out for Women, and the DAR thing, plus I set up a VT appointment and some other stuff. Jared ended up taking DS to mutual so I

Creation 2

Today we covered Moses 3. I was out late last night with a DAR Fall Muster meeting registration I had signed up to help with, and when coupled with a family “crisis”, I didn’t get much time to work on my lesson for today. Luckily I had taken some notes on the material while we

Mid-week report

We went out of town over the weekend to visit some family in Connecticut. My cousins Andy and Ricky had a combined homecoming/farewell at their church on Sunday and so we drove up to see them and for the service. My grandma and Uncle Randy flew in from Utah to visit, too, so it was

Is the Bible Inferior?

For today’s reading I asked the kids to read 1 Nephi 13: 19-29, 40; 1 Nephi 14:23 and Mormon 7:8–9. Our discussion today was on whether the Bible was inferior scripture or not. They’ve heard all their lives that “plain and precious parts” have been removed, and the difficulty of reading the Bible sometimes means

Plan of Salvation

Today was plan of salvation. When I was planning for the lesson today, it became apparent that we were not going to be able to cover the plan in any depth in just one day. Guess the lesson pacing schedule was right after all :) Next year we will spend 2 days on plan of

Second day of Seminary

I’m not as tired as I was yesterday — slept a lot better. I kept waking up during the night sure I was going to miss my alarm. Hopefully I will be able to sleep even better tonight. I didn’t mention it yesterday (because I thought it was not big deal), but I started out

First Day of Seminary

Well, it’s over. All the preparing and fretting and lack of sleep culminated in a slightly rocky first day of Seminary. I’m so relieved to be finally teaching! Several of the kids arrived right at 6:00 am, which astonished me. We start at 6:10, and I don’t know if people weren’t sure how long it

My heart is racing….

Tomorow’s the big day — Seminary starts. My stomach is churning and I’ve not been able to sleep well this past week. We are having some trouble with DS, and when compounded with my anxiety about Seminary and the shoulder pains, it’s been a rough week. I’ve been practicing getting up on time. I forgot