Month: July 2011

Collecting Seminary Ideas

Well, I’m continuing my hunt for Seminary ideas and have greatly expanded the Seminary articles on the site. I’ve added the following: Seminary structure – for classroom organizational type stuff, how to assign a devotional, choose a prayer, integrate scripture mastery, etc. This is the part I had no clue about and about which I

Hooray for Seminary Teachers!

So today I feel better that I have in some time about Seminary. My good friend, Brent, taught Old Testament back in the day, and when he heard that I was teaching asked if he could help. We had arranged for our families to get together last night for a Family Home Evening where we’d

Online Seminary Training

I wrote a little bit last week on the online resources for Seminary training, but my internet connection flipped out and the blog entry was lost before it could save. :( So I’m going to try to reconstruct was I was doing last week to prepare for Seminary. I didn’t spend a whole lot of

Starting to Plan …. Seminary

Well, now I finally have my materials to begin Seminary. In this area, the S&I rep has created a method whereby he hopes that the callings are issued, which was unfortunately ignored by our stake, and many of us are just now receiving our materials. It must really suck to be an S&I person. You’re