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12 Ways of Christmas with Hot Pink Pansy

Andi at the Hot Pink Pansy has invited me to participate in her annual guest design project, the Twelve Ways of Christmas! This year she’s doing something different, and she has created a 12 Ways of Christmas blog located at this URL: Several other LDS designers will be participating in the project, which provides family home evening style ideas for 12 values to teach families during Christmas time. I’m excited to begin work on the project and collaborating with the other designers!

Jenny's blog

Tweeting General Conference

I didn’t get to tweet as much for general conference this year as I did last — spent the day Saturday working on the websites, and then discovered late that evening there was a conference in New York I should be at, so I spent this afternoon traveling by bus to the Big Apple. I tried to retweet as much as possible, but the internet access on the bus was wonky. I think someone must have been trying to view a movie. Grrrr. I found my way to the hotel somehow. The city is beautiful and huge and overwhelming and awesome. I don’t know if I could grow to like it or not. The shopping would be fun… The surgery…

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