Month: July 2010


It’s unofficially official: Salt Lake has given the go ahead and the ward is splitting before school starts. Arg. I was praying the whole thing would fall through after I first heard about it, but I felt guilty and all, so I started praying that everything would work out the best for our family instead.

Have a Blessed Day

There’s a lady working the checkout at Target who I call the Have a Blessed Day Lady. She must work about 100 hours a week, because I get her almost every time I come into Target. And as soon as I catch a glance at her–before she’s even said a word–I think “have a blessed

I’m flattered, I think

I woke up today not wanting to go to Church. I’m tired from not sleeping well and cranky from being more than a little PMS’d. The kids are making me crazy and Jared and I are fighting. I just plain didn’t want to go and have to deal with other people, ya know? I’m probably

Why do 18-22 year olds leave the Church?

Our stake recently began a new push to get our college-age students attending our singles branch. There are some 500+ single adults in our stake, and about 30 of those attend sacrament meeting in the branch. While some of them do hold callings in home wards, most of them have simply stopped attending church altogether.