Month: June 2010

National “Back to Church” Sunday

I happened to stumble on a link to this site: while researching a topic for the girls’ camp devotional I helped with this week. What an interesting read! The site, http// is promoting a Christian “Back to Church” Sunday. It lists a number of extremely interesting statistics from a variety of sources regarding church activity.

“Charming” Relief Society jewelry

My gorgeous Relief Society charm is up for sale!!!  And, because I designed the charm and have it manufactured overseas, I can offer these charms at the best prices anywhere!  Yay me! You can get them for $1.49 at this link: Relief Society Charm, until I have to raise the price to their regular retail

Want to see inside a Mormon Temple?

Admit it — you’d love to peek inside the nooks and crannies of a Mormon Temple. Well now you can!… There’s a new scale model of the Salt Lake Temple on historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can get an “Open House” type experience without having to wear those silly footies