Month: March 2010

Tivo General Conference?

(Why I shouldn’t bake….) With LDS General Conference fast approaching, I am facing my semi-annual dilemma: to Tivo or not to Tivo? It’s rough to take out 4 hours during the day right at garden planting time to sit in front of the television for Conference. And to be totally honest, I haven’t stayed awake

On Leaving Religion

So today I did some reading of the stories of some former members of the LDS church. I’m always interested to know what drives people from the Church. Many of the things they question or doubt are things that puzzle me, too. It’s always a little off-putting. I have served closely with human, imperfect leaders

Girl, Interrupted

Today I opened a window to start blogging…. and drew a blank. My friend Elizabeth had called seen a whiny Facebook post about being bored and invited me to lunch with her and her children, so I left the window open, thinking I’d get back to work on it after I went to eat and


I wanted to write about this earlier while it was fresh on my mind, but I have been busy. Plus I wanted to catch up on some of the other blog posts. Sunday was a really nice sacrament meeting. The theme was the blessings of Relief Society. They had a future RS girl (the Bishop’s

Men in the Church

Today I feel like I have a lot to say. Suddenly I’m feeling like a blogger with lots of ideas again. Kinda freaky. I want to blog about what happened Sunday during Sacrament and to blog my ideas that President Monson is a totally awesome Mormon rebel, but those will have to wait…. We had

Daddy’s (not so) Little Girl

My DD has a severe case of Daddy Worship. I’ve seldom seen a little girl so in love with her daddy, and this is coming her mother, who also has a case of Daddy Worship for her own pa. I don’t know if her malady has ever been so obvious as it was last night:

Chest Wound

Kept DS home from school today to take him to the doctor. He was wandering around in the basement last night in the dark and crashed into a ladder. He hit his chest pretty hard, and when it was still hurting in the morning I decided to go get it checked out just in case.

Finished The Picture of Dorian Gray ….. and……

Last week I downloaded the Kindle App for my iPhone and downloaded a couple of free classic books to read. I was trying to encourage my DS to expand his reading beyond these serial magic/dragon/elf/fantasy type books into some of the classics. I specifically wanted him to read Bob, Son of Battle, a “dog book”