Month: February 2010

A friend’s wisdom

Today I called Susan to ask her where she got the ribbons for a music festival because I was trying to get some custom ribbons made as awards for and upcoming ward activity. Somehow the conversation turned to various problems we were having. My temple recommend is only half-way signed. I went to the Bishop

Garden Beginning

Last year I printed out a planting calendar developed by Virginia Master Gardeners to know when I should plant stuff in out garden. I have been curious about succession planting and wondered if I could do it in out little garden plot. We have a garden that produces well even though it’s only about 12

I must shout to be heard

DS is now 11, and I find myself falling into bad habits as a mother. When I was a young mother, I prided myself on having obedient children. I read every reputable book on parenting I could choke down and applied what I thought was the best information. I remember the most helpful things I

Lazy lzy

I’ve been down in the dumps, on top of a cold thing and coupled with being snowed in with no sun – it’s been a completely wasted week. I feel useless but I’m still unmotivated. The winter here has been unusually rough. We got snowed in with about 20 inches in December and again this