Month: November 2009

Christmas Light Tips from Temple Square

Elder Cannon has a tip on how to light up your tree like they do on Temple Square. Follow the link below, and then click on the “audio” tab:… The Church is going more environmentally friendly on the lights with new LED bulbs.

Why My Kids Won’t Grow Up in Mississppi

I’ve been reading pages (and pages and pages) of histories that my parents are working. Momma is helping her mom write a history, and Daddy — a PROLIFIC writer — is finally compiling his thoughts and experiences. He’s barely out of college and is well over 157 pages. Today I read a segment Daddy wrote


Sold well over 1000 Be Strong cards *today*. Whoa. I’m not sure what happened, but I am now down to just about 400 left. That means I’ve nearly sold out in just 4 days. Guess I better reorder — again — even though I said this was the last reorder. I hope these cards are

Mormon Boys to star in new TLC show

It’s not about Big Love — it’s about TOUGH LOVE. Hehehehe.… More Mormons on TV! We’re just quirky enough to be “reality” TV, but wholesome enough for Prime Time. Honestly, the show sounds boring to me. But so did Dirty Jobs, and that has turned out to be a gem. Mike Rowe is my