Month: May 2009

A Century of Missionary Work

Larry A. Hiller, “A Century of Missionary Work,” New Era, Jan. 2000, 28 The missionary message has not changed since the time of Joseph Smith. But missionaries and missionary life have changed a lot—especially in this century. Elder Scott DuVall, of Taylorsville, Utah, serves in Hyderabad, India. His maternal grandfather, Joseph Cummings, served in the

A Century of Aaronic Priesthood

Barbara Jean Jones, “A Century of Aaronic Priesthood,” New Era, Jan. 2000, 30 “It was quite a thrill to me when I was ordained a deacon and permitted to pass the sacrament,” wrote Rendell Mabey of his ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood in the early 1900s. Rendell was a typical Aaronic Priesthood holder of his

Beat Out

It’s been a day-with-the-church-friends kind of day today. Made phone calls this morning for random RS stuff, then did a little Mafia Wars (I’m almost up to 100 mafia members), went to the ward picnic, delivered treats from the picnic to Bertie (the dying sister), and then went to Emily’s to play Catan. We invited

Website under construction

While I am creating a new theme for MormonShare — one that will be easier to navigate — the menus will be messed up. Please be patient! Something better is coming! I have improved several articles, brought back the more idiot proof sub-sub menus on the left side for RS and YW (Primary is yet

Good day

You know, I always think about Mary and Martha — one was the cleaner and the other was the let-it-go kind of personality. I am definitely of the let-it-go persuasion. I think this puts me in the minority of women. The past few weeks have been let-it-go weeks. While I feel like I’ve accomplished good

Star Trek… “Not totally sucking” helps Star Trek. Awesome title!!! This pretty well sums it up for me — for the past several years it’s been hard to be a trek fan. Star Trek was smelling like a dirty sock (courtesy of Brian Braga imo). Since the movie, I have been thinking I should send JJ

A Day in the Life of Me

Friday just about put me in my grave. Got up late — still not sleeping well after hitting that cat with my car — but I got DD to school early so I could take DS to the dentist. Things went well there, so I took DS back to school and picked up DD to