Month: April 2009


I am keeping busy this week with the compassionate service and planning for our big Sunday throwdown. I am making a photo mosaic for use in our reading program. I’m also babysitting for a last minute addition to the craziness of this week tomorrow. I only got about 5 or 6 things ironed today because

I must be a loser

My brother made me set up a Facebook account a couple of years ago. None of my friends were on it (back then it was mostly college students), and so I did nothing with it. Later, friend Chad, begged me to get on. Ignored him. Finally, after fb was in the news so much, I

Back in the Saddle

I got back to the gym today for the first time in ages. I bet it’s been 2 months. Things have been crazy in the mornings here, and I was excited to get things straightened out so that I could go again. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I finally found the keys that had

A dialogue between Joseph Smith and the Devil

This made me both think (that Pratt thinks, as do I, a major — I say overlooked — difference between our church and others is the idea of direct communication with God) and laugh (when Joseph has a “spruce” beer with the devil). from A Dialogue between Joseph Smith and the Devil Parley P.