Month: February 2009

Bad Economy…..

I think something is wrong with me. All everyone talks about is the horrible economy, and that it’s going to get worse and worse…. So today, we go out and spend $2000 with the intent to spend about $10000 more. I’m a little numb. We went to Home Depot and bought a compound miter saw,

What have you read? I got 41

The BBC apparently says most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here. (That seems ridiculous to me…. Anyway.) Instructions: [Copy and paste into a new note on your profile.] 1) Look at the list and put an ‘x’ before those you have read. 2) Tally your total. 3) Put in a

Importance of a personal testimony

“Importance of a personal testimony” is the topic of the RS portion of our Ward Conference tomorrow. The Stake RS President has asked me and my Education counselor to speak for 10 minutes on the topic. Whoa. Who knew it would take so long to write a 10 minute talk. I bet it took 5

I really am stopping

I am stopping for the day, but it’s so hard to cease and desist when you’re getting so much done! First, I got the changes made on the basement blueprints to take the county. They were immediately approved, and we are now the owners of an “addition permit” or whatever it’s called. I fixed some

Awesome Lesson

Jillyne gave an excellent lesson from the Joseph Smith manual during Relief Society on Sunday. The topic was personal apostasy, and she likened it to the story of Lehi’s vision in the Book of Mormon. She brought out a couple of interesting points. As a side note, Alka-seltzer does work for urinary tract infections. I’m


Ah — the sweet relief of feeling productive….. Today I cleaned rugs, put shelves in the closet and rearranged all the cleaning supplies, updated pricing for Crowning Jewel, paid Specialties, emailed the (new) Bishop, enlisted a new VTer, called my secretary and Ed counselor and a sick member, and have done a little on the