Month: January 2009

So tired.

One thing is clear — the website is not user-friendly enough. I spent most of last week working on making the nodes for story and image display better. Bunged out a thing for object lessons, too. Based on the incredibly poor user response to the site in terms of posting activity, it’s clear that I’ve

The kids make me laugh

Conversation about why DD was hot during her bout of stomach flu: Mommy: What do you think causes a fever? DS: Maybe it’s because all her cells are moving around fast and causing friction. Or maybe her nerves are getting hot like a wire that gets hot when too much electricity goes through it. DD


A couple of years back I was introduced to StrongBad by a Homestar Runner fan on our family website. Back when Mormon Share started going up and down, I started a list of StrongBads that were my favorite. Here’s the partially complete list. This list is in reverse chronological order, so you should start at

10,000 visitors?

AWStats says Mormon Share had over 10,000 visitors on Saturday, and nearly 8,000 on Sunday. I’m a little suspicious of those results. Heretofore, 7,000 has been the most I’ve had in one day. I don’t really have a good way to gauge it myself, because I got sick with the stomach flu on Saturday. I

It’s alive……

It’s impossible to believe, but the website was up overnight under heavy load. Nearly 5,000 visitors yesterday and over 3,000 so far today — yay! Jared has been working very hard to fix all the problems we’ve been riddled with over the past few weeks. He’s also moving us to a faster server, but it’s