Month: December 2008


I’m still so frustrated! We can’t get the settings right on the server. Jared is doing some more research now to see if he can figure out what to do. I am _so_ ready to have this finished. He did get all the old forum posts imported last week. The phpbb2drupal module was actually pretty


The site has been live for only 6 hours today, and so far 13 people have registered. One has even commented! Wow! And this is a slow day — only 1000 visitors so far this morning, and many of those would have been after the site went live. Yay!


I started a long, beautiful post about our trip to Disney World, which was lost when Firefox crashed as I was scrolling down to save it. I am just not meant to blog about vacations, I guess. Then the website was totally down for several days due to some error on Jared’s part. The site


I’ve been working on trying to optimize the new platform for over the past week or so, and it hasn’t been easy. Sure, the new features of the website are phenomenal, but it’s really taxing the server it’s running on and I haven’t yet been able to figure out why. Please remain patient as