Month: November 2008

10 Tips for Giving a Great Talk

Primary Object Lesson Talks You will get some good ideas from my LDS Object Lessons for simple Primary talks. Top Ten tips for Giving a Great Talk by┬áRobert Felts, New Era, August 2000 from Accept the assignment cheerfully, and pray for guidance, especially if you aren’t comfortable with the assigned topic. Start outlining your

Checking In

Did my weigh-in yesterday at the gym and almost had a heart failure. 146 lbs! How could I gain 10 lbs in a week? I knew something had to be wrong, so I put away my stuff and went to work out anyway. Turns out “put away my stuff” was the operative phrase. I had

Holocaust victim baptism

We put in the last 100 daffodil bulbs plus the 50 “blue” bulbs I ordered. I cleaned out three of the raised beds. The fourth is covered with junk and the middle one has strawberries in it that I want moved. I may wait until spring to transplant them, since that’s when I’ll be cutting

Gym Dandy

I went to the gym today, and weighed in like I planned. I wasn’t expecting to have lost anything yet, but I’m down 1.5 lbs to 136.5! That’s exactly where I want to be: 1-2 lbs/week. I lost even though I could only go to the gym 3x last week! On Tuesday I voted and

400 bulbs and counting

Between the kids and I working yesterday, and Paige’s help on Wednesday, we’ve planted 400 daffodil bulbs! I can not wait until next spring to see how they look. I’ve planted some by the gate, on our side of the fence, and some in drifts by the road. the last 100 will probably go along