Month: October 2008

Politics of Survivor

I have decided that presidential elections are like that TV show Survivor. The best candidate never wins, because the other contestants attack them and beat them down early in the game. The worst candidates get ignored. So what you’re left with is the mediocre middling candidates without any major flaws: not _too_ good looking, not

Will we Miss the Mouse?

Good grief. I booked a great price on RT tickets to Orlando during the slowest week of the year on AirTran so our family could use up the rest of the un-expiring DisneyWorld tickets we bought back in 2005. So far our entire itinerary has changed 3 times (by the Automated System “that we don’t

“Dream” Relief Provided in Louisiana

“Dream” Relief Provided in Louisiana – More than 1,400 Mormons from six surrounding states converged on southern Louisiana September 27 to help Houma residents dig out from the aftermath of two September hurricanes. Hailing from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, they joined volunteers from the Realizing the Dream Foundation, the AFL-CIO, and local

Terrified of Isaiah

I bought a copy of the Old Testament Institute Manual to help me with my study of the OT. It’s been really helpful! Sometimes the commentary is not terribly useful (like the section on is it appropriate for a prophet to use the phrase “piss against the wall” in the Bible–???), but most of the

Trip to Shenandoah

We’re back from our now traditional trip to Shenandoah National Park to see the Autumn colors. It’s always so nice to be up there, especially for DS. While on our long hike, he said: “I love the narrow steep parts. I feel ALIVE, Daddy!” It’s good for him to understand there’s more to living than

Be Grease, Not Grit

I called the school office today — forgot to send in a note with the kids to say they were riding the car home instead of the bus. (I am usually very responsible that way, btw.) I called over an hour before school was to let out, and the office staff was all “we can’t

Has Given Me an Earthling Home

“I am a child of God, and he has sent me here. Has given me an earthling home, with parents kind and dear….” That DD of mine makes me laugh. She got up this morning and wrote a talk and drew a picture of the temple completely all by herself. It was really cute: “I

I had a good topic to write about….

I had a good topic to blog about….. thought of it while I was cutting the grass earlier, but now I can’t remember it. That’s what 2.5 hours of riding lawn mower racket will do to your brain, I guess. Conference was good. The weather was so nice today it was a real challenge to