Month: September 2008

Sick of politics and hurricanes

Can’t we report on anything else? I’m so sick of this blitz type coverage. We do still have a president, who IS doing SOMETHING — even if it’s stupid. Report on that. Congress continues to screw us. Report on that. Come on — there MUST be something to report on besides McBama.

Is the End of Days coming?

Probably not: Look at these Hurricane Frequency and Earthquake Frequency charts. Though there *has* been an increase in some types of storms over the past decade, it’s because there was a decrease the previous decade. The data just doesn’t support it. Does the bible actually say things will increase before the end of times? If

Gay Marriage

I read the article in the Deseret News today regarding the Church’s new document on Proposition 8, the California constitutional amendment proposing that marriage be defined as between a man and a woman. The comments on the news article are always interesting to me. Blatant falsehoods, spiteful comments, and bigoted Mormons making inflammatory statements are

Website saga continues

I’ve made lots of progress today: finished tagging the entire activities database and uploaded all the Young Women articles. There were about 20 bad entries in the activities db, but I still ended up with 460. Now that they’re tagged, it will really make Jared’s job easy for the import. It took me about 8