Month: August 2008

Website coming along

I feel like I’m finally getting this website looking like something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show someone else. It has taken several hours to figure out the .info and .tpl files. Thank heaven I already knew some CSS. At one point I was stumped and finally realized I was missin a ‘;’ at the

What Moves Mormons During Emergencies

What Moves Mormons During Emergencies – SALT LAKE CITY | 11 Aug 2008 | After recent severe storms in Ruidoso, New Mexico, Mormon missionaries joined with local Latter-day Saints to help residents deal with the damage. After a day spent diverting and damming overflowing rivers, volunteers helped victims move out of flooded and damaged homes.

Not Christian Enough

I got another one of those weird Christian emails today; you know the ones: “Jesus kills people who mocked him (like John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe)” or “America is God’s Special Chosen Country” or “In God We Trust missing from US dollar coin” or “crazy liberals are taking prayer out of schools” or “lunatic goverment

MoFash08 – Stake Modest Fashion show

The Santa Monica Stake staged it’s first “MoFash: The Modest Fashion Show” on May 3, 2008. Deciding to meet the challenge of modest dress head on, leaders held the event at a Church-owned ball field staged as an outdoor runway. The professional and amateur models over 60 several modest outfits ranging from swim to sporty.

Weightloss failure

I guess I should post about the attempt at losing weight…. I started working out, and almost immediately my hands started bothering me. A way lot. I stopped sleeping and decided to go to the dr, but by the time that I realized it was my hands hurting, we were practically en route to S.

Is woman with cloned pups the ’77 kidnapper of LDS missionary?

Is woman with cloned pups the ’77 kidnapper of LDS missionary? – A former beauty queen whose obsession with an LDS Church missionary made international tabloid headlines 30 years ago appears to be the same woman who had her dog cloned in South Korea this week. [Deseret News LDS Feed] The link above has got