Month: June 2008

What about David?

I did work out, but for very short periods of time last night and this morning. I did some reps till I shook both this morning and last night, but I only got a few minutes in each session. Probably 20-25 total. It seems that staying up late watching public TV and then sleeping in

Importing Primary Talks

I’ve spent the evening importing primary talks from a previous version of the website, and learned quite a bit about this new content management system. Let’s just hope I can remember it all tomorrow when I go to import a bunch of other items.

Kind husband….

Yesterday was the third day of summer break. I’ve been working with the kids on some of the things they should be doing better at school — namely written expression for ds and more math practice for dd. I let them do a couple of worksheets and a page of writing each day, plus they

First Entry

This is my very first blog entry. I am hoping that I can find a way to integrate this into the new website design.